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Rama Degree College specializes in Commerce and Economics education. It offers two courses at undergraduate level – Bachelor of Commerce with Honours and Bachelor of Arts in Economics with Honours and three courses at post graduate level – Masters in Commerce, Masters in Economics and Post Graduate Diploma in Global Business Operations.

Rama Degree College has seven academic departments with over 50 faculty members.

The Commerce Department is the biggest department amongst all the colleges of the University of Delhi with over 80 faculty members specializing in multiple areas of the discipline with a concrete and expanding body of research work.

The Economics Department runs the prestigious Honours course in Economics nurturing in its students a keen sense of relating their subject to life.

The Mathematics Department caters to courses specializing in Mathematical Sciences giving students a holistic understanding of its relevance and relationship with their chosen subject.

The Hindi Department endeavors to inculcate an appreciation of Hindi language and literature and its relevance for the cultural development of students. It emphasizes practical skills like communication.

The English Department offers courses in Communication facilitating a holistic development of critical faculties to enable the students to understand, articulate and communicate ideas effectively.

The Political Science Department mentors its students in multiple facets of political theory to inculcate a comprehensive understanding of political systems and their link with Commerce and Economics.

The Computer Science Department ably manages the information and technological requirements of courses in computers offered to the students.

  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Management
  • Faculty of Commerce
  • Faculty of Education
  1. Dr. S.N. Singh
  2. Dr. Mayank Singh
  3. Dr. Bilal Ahmad Khan
  4. Dr. Kavita Pandey
  5. Ms. Neelam Shukla
  6. Ms. Stuti Gupta
  7. Dr. Jaya Srivastava
  8. Dr. Mamta Tripathi
  9. Dr. Aradhana Asthana
  10. Dr. Sandeep Kumar Yadav
  11. Ms. Poonam Yadav
  12. Dr. Neeraj Kumar Gupta
  13. Dr. Jai Chand Yadav
  14. Dr. Karuna Shanker Kanaujiya
  15. Dr. Dinesh Kumar Yadav
  16. Dr. Pankaj Kumar Verma
  17. Dr. Ayush Srivastava
  18. Dr. Gitesh Kumar Gupta
  19. Mr. Ram Pravesh
  20. Mr. Saurabh Rastogi
  21. Mr. Shailendra Singh
  22. Ms. Shikha Tiwari
  23. Mr. Anand Singh
  24. Mr. L.N. Yadav
  25. Ms. Saloni Agarwal
  26. Mr. Susmit Kumar
  27. Mr. Pankaj Verma
  28. Ms. Rachna Gupta
  29. Dr. Kauser Perveen
  30. Dr. Bharat Ranjan
  31. Dr. B.C. Tripathi
  32. Dr. Kalpana Verma
  33. Dr. Kiran Dwivedi
  34. Dr. Indu Bala Rawat
  35. Mr. Sudhanshu Kumar Pandey
  36. Mr. Jitendra Kumar Singh
  37. Ms. Kirti Prajapati
  38. Mr. Ram Prakash
  39. Dr. Lalima
  40. Mr. Sharad Chandra Verma
  41. Dr. Shiva Kant Srivastava

  1. Ms. Pramod Kumar Shakya
  2. Mr. Rajesh Pal
  3. Ms. Rashmi Srivastava
  4. Mr. Gopal Krishna Gupta
  5. Mr. Indra Pal Singh
  6. Mr. Raj Kumar
  7. Ms. Rakhi Singh
  8. Ms. Vineeta Dubey
  9. Mr. Dileep Kumar Yadav
  10. Mr. Gulab Chandra Yadav
  11. Ms. Bhawana Tripathi
  12. Mr. Sunil Yadav
  13. Mr. Anurag Mishra
  14. Mr. Umesh Yadav
  15. Mr. Shashodhar Yadav
  16. Mr. Gulab Verma